30 June 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 11

November 2, 1911

Well my Dear friend, I suppose you thought us girls have forgotten you but we have not just didn’t have time to answer. How are you getting along now? Us kids went skating yesterday the ice was fine wish you was here have you been skating yet? Have you done any skiing lately I don’t suppose you had much time. I have not done much of anything just stick around. “how is shows? No more news will have to stop form your friend Edith S. Answer Soon. Call up.

27 June 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 10

December 2, 1913

Dear Laura,

Received your card a few days ago and was glad, too. How did you get over the big time? Fine hear, will have to be good now for a time. How do you enjoy this dreary weather? I washed yesterday. Nice wasn’t it? Was over to Cora’s Sunday evening. Hear your friend is going a big way off. Well have for bids any more job, so here’s quits. Write soon.

26 June 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 9

How the little girl this morning? As fine as myself, I hope. What’s doing in that burg? Busy I suppose. Hows school these days? Looking for the finish. I imagine this seems to be all I know so bye-bye. Luella. Answer soon.

25 June 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 8

April 17, 1912

Hello Laura,

I received your card and was glad to hear from you to. How do you like this wind are you still going to school yet. I quit last Friday. I had to stay home and work. I am fine how are you? Your loving friend, Gertie

Answer Soon


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