31 January 2010

Vintage New Year Post Cards

Apr 22

Dear Edna:- I will now try and ans. Your post card which I rec’d some time ago.

How are you these pretty days? I am still bothered with the Rheumatism some yet. But feel pretty good to-day. Your aunt Edna went down to sister hazel yesterday (Sat). I meant to go with her, but was prevented. Was glad to hear you got through the C. School. Will close good by. Your cousin Emma. Ans soon.

Vintage New Year Post Cards


Dear Friend:

Received your card and was glad to hear from you again. Alfred is not going to school but Rosa goes when the weather is good but that is not very often now day. I was to a Xmas tree Sunday evening and to a party last night will close, your friend, Emma Holland

Vintage New Year Post Cards

From Henry to Raymond wishing you a happy new year.

Vintage New Year Post Cards

Dec 28, 1910

I will wish you Mr. Timmy a Happy New Year from Carl Johnson

Vintage New Year Post Cards

Vintage New Year Post Cards

Jan 1910

As we are all well I thought I would drop you a postal as it is storming today. Anna k. was married yesterday but Lottie is not married and I do not know if she is going to get married or not. Monrad is going to come home pretty soon he has been away 1 year and a half hoping to hear from you soon we remain Mr. Mrs. M.H. Genoa. A merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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