30 October 2009

Vintage Postcards--Birthday

Mar 6, 1909

From Andrew

29 October 2009

Vintage Postcards--Birthday

June 26, 1916

Dear Friend. Isn’t this a fine spring day? How are you? And how has your father been during the winter? I often think of you or should like to see you soon again. Many kind thoughts and with love. Love G. Thomas

28 October 2009

Vintage Postcards--Birthday

Jan 7, 1913

Hello. Got your card to day and was glad to hear from us all for you say yous will come I hope so. And Celia say yous after to come you won’t have no better chance. And hope to see you soon and I would like to see Delia and the boys. Now let us know when you come so we will be Johnny on the spot to sweet use all ans. Soon please. Fred Sorm

27 October 2009

ATC Tuesday

Another set from A Year of Color. August's theme was Multicolor.


Vintage Postcards--Birthday

Sept 20, 1910

Compliments from Hazel Bird


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