19 September 2008

Not Feeling so Well

I've been very ill and still am. It will be at least a few more weeks, but I will be back with more postcards and other fun things. Please keep checking back...

05 September 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 60

January 29, 1912

My Dear Friend-:

I suppose you thought I was never going to write but just couldn’t get around to it. How are you. We’re just about froze out and so lonesome nothing doing. How is school and “Prof Clark” do you get home alright no more news. As ever. Dick

04 September 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 59

Hello Prof,

How is business? Lester and I went to th4e dance to Pete’s Mon. I got as far as Heffermans’ and stayed there had a fine time. Ha. Going south Wed PM news scarce, space gone. Write soon. Rena

03 September 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 58

How is everybody, everything fine here. Got your card this morning. I am walking around this morning I feel like I weigh a ton. We will come home Thursday on the 1.55 so be sure and meet me. Wishing to see you all Thurs. As ever Lester

02 September 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 57

January 30, 1911

Dear Laura-

Got your card was so pleased to hear from you. My brother John tells me that you get along very well in High School and it is needless to say I am proud of you. I would like to hear all about your work. Laura if you have time for that much letter writing. Give my love to Lester and to all the yonder children. Tell them I wish you would write to me your old teacher and friend.

01 September 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 56


Dear Laura:-

How is everything and everybody at home? I am fine and having a very nice time, wish you were with me. We spent Sat. in Oshkosh, WI. Took the boat that is on this post card. We also went through the locks. Remember me to everyone. What’s doing in Dak. Write when you have time. Stockbridge, Wis


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