27 February 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 154

vintage postcard

Oct 30

Dear Laura
How is everybody. Everything is good out in this town. You can come up here Sat. afternoon if you want to, mama will meet at the train. May Heff told Rose Wagner to come up and see me she was up here last night. I got your card about noon was to late to tell you in the letter. I just had a little oatmeal for my breakfast. Goodby.

26 February 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 153

vintage postcard

Jul 31, 1917

Dear Laura:
I know you think I have forgotten you, but such is not the case. How are your brothers. Remember me to them.
My but I get lonely for So. Da. Wish I were there to-night. Just weeks ago we were to Lordemer’s. Write when you have time: Marie Conley.

25 February 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 152

Jul 13, 1911

Hello Laura.
Well how is Laura? We are all fine and dandy out here I suppose you are quite busy nowadays. Just like we are at present. I think we are coming down Sunday if everything is allright but I will try and call you up by Thurs or Friday and let you know . I hope that the wind will not be in the east because if it is it will certainly blow me back I think! Gertrude H. A sweet card. Ha!Ha!

24 February 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 151

vintage postcard

Jan 9, Dear kiddo-: how you was? Fine and dandy here. Sewing today. Suppose you are busy to. What do you know about this kind of weather? I don’t know at all.

Jan 22, Dick said she was talking to you yesterday so now as I know you address I will finish this card. How did you get over the hop? Fine here will close awaiting and early reply. Luella.

23 February 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 150

vintage postcard

Mar 3, 1911

Dear friend Laura
Rec’d your card the other day and was glad to hear from you.
I am glad spring is coming and that perhaps that I can see you then some time before long
well news is scarce around this neighborhood so Bye-bye, from Gertrude H. ans. Soon


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