28 November 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 95

Dear friend Laura:-

How are you getting along we got a new teacher Lena Mahon we had a weeks vacation this is better than a letter. You can tare this up it ain’t no good. Is harry going to high school yet full. Will you the rest about schoolhouse when you send me a postal. Send me a postal when you get this. Schools begins Mon. Ruth Donovan.

27 November 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 94

August 27

Hello Laura

How about you still alive. I suppose gee I have just about heard dying from laughing. I suppose if you would have been here I would have been dead by this time. Well I suppose you are getting ready for school but I don’t have to this year and am glad of it to.

Laura when are you going to come and see me? I don’t know when I will be out there but I try to sometime. Is suppose yous will be thrashing now don’t hope that you will home then on sun as we did.


26 November 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 93

Mar 11

Dear Laura:

Received your last card with much pleasure. I don’t see Ruth or Agnes now Laura. Cause we moved to Harvard. So write my address Harvard. I’ll go everybody well yet we have just the most pleasant weather out here. You saw imagine. Good bye. Glad you are getting along fine in school. Your friend

25 November 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 92

October 5, 1910

Dear Laura:

Well how are you any how? Here is what I was doing when you called. Say kid with not any doubt this is what we would catch you at if we came up unexpected. I saw your big brother Sun. Have you seen him since then? I certainly did have a dandy did have a dandy time Mon night. Well when you can why write again. From your friend Mae.

24 November 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 91

October 5, 1911

Dear Friend-:

Was delighted to hear from you. How are you! Fine and dandy. Hope. What do you know about this kind of weather I think it is cold. Was to town this morning there is not any news. As will close. Hoping to hear from you soon. I will close, Luella.


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