15 July 2010

Vintage Postcard

From Winton Luke

14 July 2010

Vintage Postcards

Monday. Dearest Friend. We arrived home all O.K. and have been so very busy. We are in touch to-day for a few minutes. Eileen

05 July 2010

Vintage Postcard

Hello Eliza,

How are you? For me I am not well. I hurt my foot one. Eliza why dond you come Sunday. I wish you come sometime try and come to the dance at home Eliza well good bye, from Helia LaPahne

01 July 2010

Vintage Postcards

Oct 30, 1913

Dear Friend:

Well how is Elsie to-day? I am fine and hope you are the same. It is pretty cold out here. How is the weather out there? When are you coming back home again. Hope you have good times out there. Tell me about them. Ain’t you got no fella yet? How is he getting along? Minnie. Ans Soon.


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