25 June 2009

Black & White Photos

A few cold pictures to cool us off in this hot weather!!!

Landscape Postcards

Thought I'd change gears a bit and move on to real photo landscape postcards.

The Lone Tree

24 June 2009

More Fun Ephemera

I just wanted to send a big thanks to Mary over at the Green Paper blog for mentioning my site on her blog.

She has a great blog with lots of fun ephemera downloads, projects and antique-ing adventures.

Vintage Word Postcards


02 June 2009

Vintage Women Postcards

Georgia State College for WomenGeorgia State College for Women
GSCW was founded at 1889 as a sister school to Georgia School of Technology.

01 June 2009

Vintage Women Postcards

A new collection starts today.
I'm dipping into my collection of vintage postcards.
This weeks theme is postcards featuring women.

vintage postcardPatriotic Woman


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