30 September 2009

Vintage Postcards--Minnesota

My dear Margaret:-

How do you like your new home and do you hope you will get to like school. Am getting anxious to get out to see you all and won’t we have a good time. Tell your papa I got his letter and glad to hear from him. Will send Helen & Buddy some cards soon. Be a good girl, with love and kisses. Nanna

29 September 2009

ATC Tuesday

Another set from A Year of Color.April 's theme was Polka Dots.

Vintage Postcards--Minnesota

Cathedral of St. Paul

This is the fourth building known as Cathedral of St. Paul. The first being a log chapel and dedicated to St. Paul, the apostle, from whom the city takes its name. The style of architecture is known as “Classical Renaissance” and is an adaption of the original plan of St. peter’s in Rome as designed by Bramante and Michelangelo. Building operations were begun September 15th, 1906. Corner stone laid June 2nd 1907, and completed march 15th, 1915. Interior diameter of dome, 96 feet. Height of dome ceiling, 186 feet. Height to cross on dome, 307 ½ feet. Dimensions of sanctuary 60 X 62 feet. Seating capacity in pews 3,000 with chairs 4,000.

28 September 2009

Vintage Postcards--Minnesota

In honor of my Mom visiting me from Minnesota, I'm going to show off my Minnesota postcards (of which I only have 3, even though I lived there for the majority of my life).

Minnehaha Falls is an amazing place. This beautiful, creation of nature in the middle of a quiet neighborhood in Minneapolis.

25 September 2009

Vintage Postcards--Luck

February 13, 1913

Dear Nellie, I will answer your letter soon. How is your Mamma by this time tell her I would like ever so much to see her and all of you folks. I will look for you down before long. Jim and Terry did not come home Sunday. Love to all from your auntie Allie Britton

Yes George sent you a card and forgot to sign his name.

23 September 2009

Vintage Postcards--Luck

Glad to hear of prosperity in California.

Long live the McLeods

22 September 2009

ATC Tuesday

Another set from A Year of Color. March's theme was monochromatic.

Vintage Postcards--Luck

November 21, 1915

This is pretty cold weather. Took a walk this PM down to the lake pretty nice place. Greetings from all. Best wishes etc from your sincere friend


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