31 October 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 75

June 1912

Hello Kid. How you been. Doin fine and dandy and hope you are to. Having lots of rain here since school is out. Suppose your having lots of fun. Maybe we are going to dance tonight. Wish you could come. Ans. Soon Laura. From Luella, Twin Brooks, So. Dak.

30 October 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 74

June 20, 1914


Time is precious no time to lose. I can’t come Tues. day but will come down Wed evening so be sure to meet me as I will stay in the depot until you come rain or shine, the train has been going down later so don’t be surprised if it is late it may not be though. If you can’t’ meet me phone to me and I will come to big stone Thursday morning.

Book Review--Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities The Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston

My review

This book was very enjoyable, fast paced and full of intrigue. It went beyond the usual formulaic mystery. Good character development, a bit gruesome, but not horribly so. I've read other books by this duo and recommend their books highly! Great escapism read.

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29 October 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 73


Dear Laura. Rec. your card have been unwell, am much better now. You had better come up and see me. I come tomorrow night. Wish you were here. But don’t suppose I’ll be able to. How is everyone there? I wish I could come out and see you but guess I’ll have to give it up. Tell your mother hello. Ans soon. With love and kisses

28 October 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 72

August 21, 1912

Dear Laura:-

Here really gives a card to you, but you know accidents will happen. You played a pretty trick Sun. I’ll get that back on you some day tho. How are you anyway? Nice weather etc. Was in town today for a change. Don’t ever call up. Write. Lovingly, Mae

27 October 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 71

April 20, 1911

Rec’d your card yesterday and was some what surprised. I suppose you thought I had died. Well, I haven’t at any rate, even if the “measles” are in this part of the country.

Will answer sooner next time. Neglected doing so before. “Sam”


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