13 March 2009

10 March 2009

A New Collection--Cedar Falls Photos

photo album
In one of my collecting trips I found this photo album filled with fun pictures from Cedar Falls, IA.

Pictures will start tomorrow AM.

09 March 2009

New Collection Starts Tomorrow

Stay tuned...now that we've seen all the postcards from the Laura Postcard collection...it's time to move on to a new collection from my stash...it will be revealed tomorrow.


08 March 2009

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. This year's theme is women and men united to end violence against women and girls. Celebrate IWD by celebrating your achievements and those of women around you and finding out what you can do to help women in your area and around the world.

06 March 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 160

The post this morning was the last in the collection of Laura Postcard Collection...above are 2 more pieces of her collection.

Stay tuned, for more images and stories from my collection.

Laura Postcard Collection 159

June 4

My Dear Miss Laura
I have been thinking of writing you since I got here. Agnes told me on the way that you intend to go and help out Mrs. Gruch with serving. Hope everyone at your house are fine. I wish you were here Margaret speaks of you ever so often I had a letter from John today and Margaret had a card saying they were packed and ready to move to some other camp. We drove down to Depere last Thursday it is forty miles we did not get back until that night….went to see Bill last Sunday he was well and contented. Anne of Hughs sisters is helping him in the bank and boys here. We sleep together she is very nice girl Margaret has very nice neighbors no change in Margaret. It has rained considerable since I came here. The crops look much the same as they do at home. I think the gardens home are better. Is there any news around home: but was news? All the folks here are fine and dandy.
Love and best wishes to all from your sincere friend
Mrs. John Heffernan.

05 March 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 158

vintage postcard

Oct 17, 1910

Dear Friend Laura:-
I received your card and saw that you was well and getting along fine in school which I am glad to hear.
We are all well and getting along fine.
News I don’t know and so I will close.
Hoping you are enjoying yourself. I remain your friend Helena.

04 March 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 157

vintage postcard

Mar 22, 1911

Rec’d your card today—did you take in the basket social? I didn’t there were two the same nights and I couldn’t be to both. I misspelled your name but I guess it will pass this time. Will it not? So you have forgotten that? Well I will remind you of it some day. “Sam Carson”

03 March 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 156

vintage postcard

May 2, 1914

Dear Laura:-
I certainly thank you for thinking of me and sending me your exercises. Did you pass no to be a teacher. I wish I was still going to school. How are all of the folks anyway? We are all pretty well. Well I wish you good luck for the coming course you are to take in life. Your loving Friend Alma Pierce.

02 March 2009

ATC House and Home

A few pics from my last ATC swap with the art techniques atcs group. Unfortunately this group is soon to be no more. The sister group art techniques will continue.

The theme was house/home.

Laura Postcard Collection 155

vintage postcard


Friend Laura:-
Received your card one day last week. But didn’t have time to answer before. We havent’ any telephone number. So first call Squith Bros and call for Sam. Hope it doesn’t storm next Sunday. What, do you think about is? “Sam”


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