24 July 2008

Happy Birthday Amelia!

Today is Amelia Earhart's Birthday, she was born on this day in 1897. Everyone knows her as the woman pilot who disappeared while attempting to fly around the world in 1937. However, she was a great feminist. During her lifetime and still today she is an inspiration to many women, including me. A great book to learn more about her is Still Missing : Amelia Earhart and the Search for Modern Feminism. A few websites where you can learn more:


I personally have always been interested in and inspired by women who go against the norm and blaze their own trail. Amelia Earhart was the first women I "discovered" who was making it famously in a "man's world."

Courage is the price life exacts for granting peace, those who know it not know no release from the little things.
Amelia Earhart

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