14 July 2008

Laura Postcard Collection 22

October 13, 1913

Hello Laura;

Received your card a few days ago so I have the pleasure of answering and as this is Sunday everything and I haven’t anything else to do. I have plenty of time to write so I will write really small. Ha! Ha! Walter short was here this afternoon and evening he has just gone home, this has certainly been a fine day, to good old subject “weather,” there was a dance at the Hull in Big Stone Thursday evening. But I didn’t go, I hardly ever go to a hull dance, and there was a social Friday evening. They cleared $70.00 pretty good for Big Stone isn’t it? I might to be cramming for exams. For tomorrow is the lucky day for us poor sinners to test our knowledge. But I would sooner write postals then study. Ha. Ha. Yes prof is back. I am glad too for the old maid was getting quite cross. But I can’t blame her, she perhaps has been “forsaken” I am sorry. But I can’t help her any. Well space is getting limited so I must close to be sure I will visit your neighborhood some time soon. Answer soon, Frank K.

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