05 January 2009

Home Sweet Home ATC

A few Home Sweet Home ATCs I made for a swap. The backgrounds were made using my favorite new technique. Mesh sponges used for the shower like these are a great way to apply acrylic paints to use as a background. I usually choose 2-3 colors in the same color family (these use beige, tan, and brown). Different color combination can be used, but I like the subtler look of using the same color family. I apply the darkest color first and let dry between applications. When I make them I usually make several backgrounds at once--as it is a bit messy. The picture is of a house that I love in Stillwater, MN, which I changed to a sepia tone.

1 comment:

Cami said...

I use this technique a lot in my art journaling. And love, love the image of the house. If walls could talk...


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