04 February 2009

Laura Postcard Collection 137

vintage postcard

Dear Friend Laura:-

I am well and hope the same of you. The picture on the other side is a sign of spring. How did you enjoy those nice cold days? Wishing you a happy and prosperous 1910 I remain your loving friend,

Helena Van de Voort

Millbank, S.D.

Route 2. Box 8


Marie Reed said...

Great card! I hope to see signs of spring soon too!

Marie Reed said...

BTW: I have a blog event on Friday called Postcard Friendship Friday. People head over to cpaphilblog.com and post their link into something called a Mr. Linky. It brings postcardy people together and helps other postcard lovers discover your blog. I'll send you a link to last Friday:)

Marie Reed said...

Here's that link:)


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