29 September 2009

Vintage Postcards--Minnesota

Cathedral of St. Paul

This is the fourth building known as Cathedral of St. Paul. The first being a log chapel and dedicated to St. Paul, the apostle, from whom the city takes its name. The style of architecture is known as “Classical Renaissance” and is an adaption of the original plan of St. peter’s in Rome as designed by Bramante and Michelangelo. Building operations were begun September 15th, 1906. Corner stone laid June 2nd 1907, and completed march 15th, 1915. Interior diameter of dome, 96 feet. Height of dome ceiling, 186 feet. Height to cross on dome, 307 ½ feet. Dimensions of sanctuary 60 X 62 feet. Seating capacity in pews 3,000 with chairs 4,000.

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